By Bus

Getting around Limassol is fairly easy as the city is well connected through an efficient, cost effective bus service promoted by the EMEL bus company. EMEL operates the public transport service in Limassol. The Limassol Passengers Transport Company (EMEL) was formed, through the integration of the urban and rural bus operators, into a district bus company. It was the outcome of a Government policy in 2009 and the subsequent law that was passed through parliament. EMEL commenced its transport operation on July 5th 2010. The buses travel between all popular resorts of the city and their frequency is quite good.

If you want to go to the interior of the island you can opt for guided tours or special buses,. Bus companies such as Peal Troodos have opened up shuttle lines at a cost effective rate to suit travelers.

Ticket types & fairs

  • Single: valid for a single journey within a city and city suburbs from 04:00 until 23:00. Price €1.50
  • Night – Single: valid for a single journey within a city and city suburbs from 23:00 until 04:00. Price €2.50
  • Daily: valid for a single day to be used in journeys within a city and city suburbs from 04:00 until 23:00. Price € 5.00
  • Weekly: valid for 7 days from 04:00 until 23:00 to be used in journeys within a city and city suburbs. Price €15.00
  • Monthly: valid for a month to be used in journeys within a city and city suburbs. Price €40.00
  • Intercity Daily: valid for all intercity and city bus routes for one day. Price €15.00

A list of all buses in Limassol including night buses, rural buses and intercity buses to and from Limassol can be found at

By Car

The best way to travel around Limassol is by car, if you plan to take trips at your own pace. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and is interspersed with highway bridges parallel to the coast connecting all far ends.

Drivers drive on the left side of the street in Cyprus. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt and keep the speed limit according to the signage to avoid getting fined by police on the look out. Official speed limits are 30-50 kmh in town and 50-80kmh on the highway where only the right lane is for passing over. There are also regular checks to monitor drinking limits of drivers mainly late hours of the day. If the driver is caught with a limit over 22, a fine is levied on the spot. The city offers numerous car rental agencies for travellers, however, while taking a car on rent, ensure that the rental group supports round the clock breakdown service, so as not to disrupt your chance to explore the nooks and corners of this coastal city.

By Taxi

Taxi’s in Limassol are expensive compared to public transport or a shared taxi, however taxi’s allow freedom which is

not possible when taking buses or shared taxis. Taxi drivers are fairly friendly and kind but do make sure to check if the meter is on. Shared taxis in Limassol, also known as Service Taxis, are quite

useful if you want to travel in between towns. Popular routes taken by shared taxis operate between Limassol and Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia, and Limassol and the Troodos Mountain. The price of catching a shared mini bus taxi is twice the cost of catching an intercity bus, though it is still cost effective, with a fare as low as 8 Euros you may take a trip to the neighboring towns of Limassol with ease. Be sure to make a reservation a couple of hours beforehand as they are pretty popular.

Motor cycling

One would claim that driving around Limassol with a scooter or a motorcycle would be the best solution and rightly so. It is economical, weather allows it and it can be fun to. You must take all safety precautions though if you are not well aware of the driving mentality. There is some good choice of motorbikes for rent in town. Georges rentas is on Georgiou1, Yermasoyia and could be your best option when wanting to rent a bike. You may contact him anytime at +357 99622844 to request a quote.


Limassol is gradually developing cycling routes all around the city for safe access across town. Be aware when exiting these routes though as drivers are still not used to driving along cyclists. With various nature trails that are ideal for cycling expeditions, you can explore every part of the cities natural beauty. Bicycles are easily available at rental agencies in resorts and seaside’s, and Limassol hosts various racing and non-racing cycling events along the sea, mountains and forests. Nextbike is a popular bike rentals company. See more info here


Limassol is a small town comparing to other European cities and you will be fooled by the beautiful coastline wanting to explore it step by step. Limassol has the longest seafront on the island covering   km. Wear comfortable shoes a hat and be sure to get some money for water or a bus or a taxi for your way back. The seafront is beautiful but so is the center of the town. There you will come across the traditions and appreciate the real culture of the Cypriot through the architecture, the coffee shops and tavernas.

Anexartisias and St Andrew streets are the oldest and longest shopping streets in town. Together they have more than 250 retail shops covering all your shopping needs. Do print out a map and don’t be shy to ask passers by for directions when you get lost. Cypriots are famous for their hospitality and would go out of their way to assist you.

Main Roads

It is easy to orient yourself when in Limassol due to the sea on the south. There is three main roads parallel to the sea. These are: Gregory Ayxentiou -that is the road on the seafront-, then Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue (that locals also call Makedonias) and the highway at the top.

In between and through town center we have Arch. Makarios Avenue the main and most busy road in Limassol. Makarios Avenue starts at Enaerios and goes west towards Pafos.

Anexartisias street is also consider a main road as it is the longest shopping street in the old town of Limassol.

From Limassol and back

Intercity buses was  founded in 2009, for the purpose of executing all Public Transport Bus Routes within the geographic unoccupied area of Cyprus. With this new, modern, upgraded and efficient system, intercity provides the best possible service for all social groups including: people with disabilities, students, soldiers, seniors, local and foreign workers, foreign visitors and everyone that may wish to commute within the non occupied areas of the republic of Cyprus. Intercity buses operates all intercity bus route services connecting all towns of Cyprus on a daily schedule and frequent departures based on  low cost fares policy. A travel offer that combines and provides reliability, a professional friendly environment, safety and comfort. The cheapest and most comfortable way to travel back and forth. See timetables, stations and ticketing at